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Who is Ørn?


Ørn Software

May 21, 2021

Ørn Software provides a digital platform that simplifies day-to-day operations for demanding businesses. Our so-called “Software as a Service”-solutions ensure efficient operations and maintenance throughout a wide variety of industries.

Who are we?

We are field leaders in industrial maintenance and management, as well as in facility and property management. Now we are about to secure an equally strong position within Norway’s second biggest export: aquaculture. We also offer solutions for businesses wishing to keep tabs on their energy consumption and their environmental footprint.Our user-friendly systems give all its users a complete overview of business critical tasks, thus facilitating better cooperation and streamlining operations. This ensures an efficient management of real estate and industrial assets, as well as the ability to document sustainable operations.

ØRN gives you an eagle’s-eye view!

We give you the big picture. That is why we from 2021 onwards will be called ØRN Software.The king of the sky has not only an eyesight eight times more powerful than that of humans, the eagle flies higher than any other bird and can rotate its head a whole 210 degrees. It also has two focal points in its eyes, so that it can look both straight ahead and sideways – at the same time!In the same manner, we help our customers to both see the tiny details as well as the whole picture.

A leading software company

More than 1100 companies with over 140,000 employees use our different SaaS-solutions every day, among them some of the largest industrial and real estate companies. Now, our ambition is to lead the field in the Nordic countries.

ørn software
Our mission statement

"Ørn’s digital solutions provide an overview and create value through better interaction."

Together you are stronger

The world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. The tempo and demands increase at record speed. At the same time, the working day is increasingly complex for most of us. That makes optimal cooperation between different parts of the business essential. Because the more complex the operation becomes, the more important it is that all systems can communicate internally. And this is where Ørn comes in.

A one-stop-shop solution

Ørn delivers solutions that cater to the needs of all the different groups of users in the organisation and make it easier to work together. It is our job to make the day-to-day tasks easier, by making cumbersome, manual and paper-based processes easy, digital and automated.Our main objective is to provide you with the big picture. We ensure that tasks are performed and documented, establish effective forms of communication with the users and make sure that the properties or equipment is managed optimally. At the end of the day, we help you achieve a streamlining of operations, a lengthening of equipment and property lifespan, the reduction of costs and an increase in revenue.

30 years’ experience

The competence we have accumulated in Ørn Software stems partly from the environment surrounding the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, but also from student accomodation management in Western Norway as well as Østfold’s proud industrial heritage. For over 30 years we have been developing software for optimisation of property management and industrial management. In later years, we have also invested heavily in aquaculture and have also developed good solutions for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.We have digitalised and simplified work tasks for several of the largest property management companies and industrial companies in Norway. Now we are ready to help you too. By seeing the big picture, and by saving time and money.

ørn software
Sten-Roger Karlsen | CEO | Ørn Software

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