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Reduce your environmental footprint and optimize your energy consumption

Who is it for?

You can automatically calculate the business's emissions, follow the development of emissions over time, document the effect of measures, and check your performance in relation to reduction goals.


You uncover faults and deviations, and adjust your energy settings to ensure an optimal indoor climate without using unnecessary resources.

The environment

You can convert your total energy consumption into emissions figures that can either be reported directly from the system or placed in a wider context, as a part of documenting the business's environmental accounts.

Ørn software

Ørn's systems for energy and environment


Optima gives you a full overview of energy, environmental, waste handling, and associated costs. The system can uncover faults and deviations, and help you achieve the lowest consumption possible.


This is why you need an energy and environmental management system

Energy monitoring
Required ESG reporting

Companies with concrete sustainability goals will enjoy a greater and more long-term value creation, as well as meeting EU requirements.

Stricter regulations and demands

Stricter demands regarding energy consumption in properties and facilities increases the need for software that measures, controls and generates correct reports.

Reduced capital costs

Full documentation in compliance with ESG conditions can help you reduce capital costs.

Great savings

You can benefit from great savings by both reducing energy consumption and waste. The right software is key to achieving this.

A clear environmental profile

Your customers, your employees and your investors will see that you have a clear environmental profile.

Financial predictability

Even though day-to-day operations are not based on hourly or daily data, historical data will be able to say something about your costs, since you will know the power usage from the year before. In this way you can take measures that for example can reduce consump by 5% compared to the year before.

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