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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Energy & Sustainability Management
We collect data from more than 30 million square meters of office and industrial buildings throughout Scandinavia. This enables us to work in a way that is fact-based and to document results.
The information we collect forms the basis for operational measures, technical improvements, and other services. For example, the information includes energy use, waste streams, climate footprint, and finances.
Yes! Optima has a specially-developed module adapted to both day-to-day operational decisions and strategic energy goals in the manufacturing industry. The data presentation fits the industry's requirements for administering production and energy.
Optima provides control over individual meters, buildings, and building portfolios, and is suitable for both operations personnel and building owners!
Optima contains data from all checked invoices, energy budgets, contracts and collective bargaining agreements, deviation logs, facilities lists, etc. giving you full control over energy costs.
Optima provides a total overview of energy, environmental impact and waste, and associated costs. Optima thereby provides decision making support for building owners, managers, grid companies and power suppliers, as well as continuous operational support for the operations organisation.