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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Real Estate Management
We adapt to your needs. We focus on acceptance, participation from our users, and good training. If you are a small organization, we can offer standard setups with quick implementation and training.
Yes, we will assist you in entering information into the system. Part of what we can help you with in the implementation process is to go through your work processes and streamline them in connection with the introduction of a new system. You contribute by collecting data from your current systems, so that we can enter it into your new system.
We'd love to! We start all new implementations with a start-up meeting and workshop. Our consultants have experience with implementation from most industries, and we have several templates on basic data that can be used.
Yes, you can. There are options for exporting to most ERP systems on the Norwegian market.
We are happy to hold a demonstration for you, either on Skype or on site. In order to gain a good understanding of our products, we believe that you as a customer benefit most from us going over the solution together with you.
Once you have ordered our software, we will arrange a start-up meeting with one of our project managers. Together, you will draw up a schedule for implementation. We have a strong focus on acceptance, participation by users, and good training.