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General Meetings

The general meeting of shareholders is the supreme corporate body. Ørn Software's shareholder general meetings are held annually. Here you will find protocols of the meetings.

Read more about General Meetings below.

The shareholders of Ørn Software exercise ultimate authority through the General Meeting, according to Articles of Association and the Companies Act. The General Meeting deliberates and decides important issues concerning Ørn Software, reflecting the opinions of shareholders.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place every year within six months of the close of the financial year. Extraordinary general meetings are convened if necessary, according to the Articles of Association and the Companies Act.

At the AGM the following decisions are made:

  • Election of the shareholders’ representatives to the Board of Directors
  • Election of the external auditor and the auditor’s remuneration
  • Approval of the Board of Directors’ report, the financial statements and any dividend proposed by the Board
  • Other matters according to the Companies Act (Aksjeloven) §5-6