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A complete quality system for the aquaculture industry

InControl Havbruk (Aquaculture) is a complete net-based quality system that is tailored to the various activities in the aquaculture industry. The system is easy to use, gives you full control, and makes it easy to deliver reports that are required by law.


InControl makes it easier to report that you have full control

Who can benefit from InControl?
The head of QA and fish health

When all the information is gathered in one place, you are in full control. If you are informed of an inspection, or new requirements from the authorities, it's easier than ever to retrieve up-to-date and correct information.

The net pen workers

They might be a bit sceptical at first, but they quickly discover that things are much easier when they receive task descriptions on their mobile, and that it's easier to report deviations or the completion of tasks.

The salmon pioneers

There are a lot of pioneers in the aquaculture industry, so both owners and management will quickly applaud investments in digital solutions that improved both quality and profitability.

"We could not have made the world's best salmon without InControl"

E. Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett was among the first aquaculture companies to start farming salmon over 50 years ago. At that time, it was very much a question of trial and error, without the possibilities provided by today's technology.

The problem

Until just a few years ago, they painstakingly recorded all of their activities into log books kept at the different facilities. However, the rapid growth of the company, and, not least, stricter requirements from the authorities, led to a greater need for inspection and periodic maintenance. The solution was to start using Ørn InControl.

The solution

Now, the technicians at the facilities receive daily checklists of everything that needs to be checked and the various tasks to be performed. When a task is complete, it's registered with the push of a button on the mobile. It thereby becomes easy to ensure that everything from cleaning equipment to feeding fish is done on time and in the right way. And best of all: With a proper quality system, operations coordinator Øyvind can easily export good reports to send to the authorities or to board chairman Nils Tore.

Customer: E. Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett

Familien Karstensen har drevet fiskeoppdrett siden 1971 og var blant de første som satte ut laks i sjøen. I dag produserer den lille familiebedriften hele 18 millioner laksemåltider i året.

Customers who see the big picture:

Useful functions that simplify the workday and improve profitability

All your needs are covered in a single solution
Flexible dashboard solution

With all of the information gathered in one place, you are always in control. Check the weather forecast, the status of deviations, and checklists, and see which tasks need to be done.

Operations and maintenance

Plan and document day-to-day fish care, and maintenance and service on equipment, nets, and anchors. Generate checklists and service logs. Configure notification settings.

Update procedures easily

Get an overview of all of the procedures. Organise, search and change procedures in a simple way. Invite employees to read and confirm that they have read and understood procedures.

Simple deviation reporting

Well-organised and simple registration and follow-up of deviations. Use your mobile for quick registration.

Intuitive risk assessments

Assess risk and organise risk and risk analyses in one place.

Take photos of deviations

Use InControl on your mobile, and register deviations as they are discovered.

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Kenneth Egil Bjørbæk-Standal
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