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Gain full control of the management of your properties

With MainManager, you can administer energy use, manage spaces, operations and maintenance, help desk, projects, finances, and history. Having a full overview in a single system makes it easier to budget accurately and demonstrate the important work of the department.


MainManager helps property managers prioritise and perform maintenance tasks

Who is MainManager suitable for?
The property manager

When all of the information is collected in a system, you get a better decision-making and budgeting basis. You can better argue for everything that needs to be done, and check that it is actually completed.

Operations and maintenance personnel

When all tasks are delegated and reported via mobile, and not sticky notes and spoken instructions, the risk of errors is reduced and time is freed up for valuable work.

Benefits for tenants

Customers, tenants and residents can use their mobile to report faults and deviations, and receive automatic status and progress updates on their cases, and avoid complaining about poor follow-up.

Ørn software
Customers who see the big picture:

A complete O&M system that gives you a full overview and helps you prioritise

Digital property management
Digital BIM transfer

By uploading a BIM into the system, you can add buildings, floors, rooms and technical systems. Use the 3D models to get a more visual overview of tasks and objects.

Interactive 2D drawings

Use 2D drawings to visualise your work and find property. Clarity and colour codes help you to organise, prioritise, and monitor the status of tasks in your building.

Scan codes for quick access

Your mobile can give you quick and easy access to information and registration of incidents or property. Scan existing barcodes and QR codes, or add your own.

Efficient communications

Our user friendly chat gives you the possibility to communicate with staff and interested parties, and lets you administer communication without leaving the app.

Easy data integration

Use our standard APIs and integration for quick and safe transfer of data to and from other systems.

Get a quick overview

The GIS map solution gives you a bird's eye perspective of your properties and tasks. You can improve planning and gain quick access to the information you need.

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Christian Victor Wiig
Christian Victor Wiig
Account Manager