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An easy-to-use maintenance solution

Maintenance is the preferred tool for industrial maintenance. It gives you control of maintenance tasks, thereby increasing productivity, extending the life of the machine park, and reducing maintenance costs.

Maintenance increases productivity, extends the lifetime of the machine fleet, and reduces maintenance costs

Who benefits from Maintenance?
The maintenance manager

Maintenance is a complete maintenance system based on industry standards. This makes it easy to get started with round checklists, work orders, deviation administration, history, notifications, etc.

The shop floor workers

Maintenance ïs a program that is intuitive and easy to use, and which is designed to work well on every platform, including mobile. You complete the task where you are, and that makes it easy to report deviations.

The management group

Maintenance lets you document the important work carried out by the department, as well as cost savings, and provides good arguments for preventive maintenance efforts.

"Maintenance provides openlifts and happy customers"

Skistar runs a number of ski centres, including Norway's biggest centre at Trysil.

The problem

At Trysil, Skistar has 71 kilometers of varied slopes that must be prepared. A number of snowmobiles, vehicles, and snowcats need to be maintained, and 31 different lifts need to be checked daily and remain open throughout the entire season.

The solution

Now, all issues or deviations are automatically registered in Maintenance, which automatically generates a work order for the mechanics. Skistar has a full overview of its vehicle and equipment fleet, and guests can enjoy skiing on the slopes throughout the entire season.

"Our goal is to have satisfied customers every day. Our lifts and equipment would never have had so little downtime if it weren't for modern technology!" -Arnstein Akre, head of maintenance, Skistar

Customer: Skistar AB

SkiStar AB is a Swedish company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange that owns and operates winter sports centres in Norway and Sweden. The company has centres in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, and in Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway.

Customers who see the big picture:

Solutions that give you an easier and more predictable workday

User-friendly functions
Focus on the user

Maintenance is a program that is intuitive and easy to use. The program is designed on the basis of industry standards, making it easy to get started.

Document wherever you are

Maintenance is designed to work well on every platform. You complete the task where you are, and it's very easy to register deviations.

A system with many features

Features like round checklists, work orders, deviation administration, history, notifications, and more make Maintenance a very user friendly and complete maintenance system.

Round checklists simplify your workday

Round checklists give you the opportunity to easily carry out daily and weekly procedures, and discover deviations at an early stage. With round checklists, the rounds can be organised in a logical order in order to register rounds more efficiently.

Efficient and functional documentation

Link all relevant documents to both objects and work orders. This makes the documentation available wherever you are, including user manuals or service reports from external parties.

It's all gathered in the cloud

Maintenance is delivered as a SaaS solution in the cloud. This is very cost-effective, and users do not have to think about servers, upgrades, backups, etc.

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