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Optima gives you full control of your energy use

Optima gives you a full overview of energy, environmental, waste handling, and associated costs. The system can uncover faults and deviations, and help you achieve the lowest consumption possible. Optima thereby provides both decision-making support and continuous operational support for the management organisation.


Optima can help you save both time and money – and the environment

Who can benefit from Optima?

With Optima Miljø (Environment), you can automatically calculate the business's emissions, follow the development of emissions over time, document the effect of measures, and check your performance in relation to reduction goals.


Optima helps you uncover faults and deviations, and adjust your energy settings to ensure an optimal indoor climate without using unnecessary resources.

The environment

Optima converts your total energy consumption into emissions figures that can either be reported directly from the system or placed in a wider context, as a part of documenting the business's environmental accounts.

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Customers who see the big picture:

A complete tool for supporting operations and decision making

Monitor and manage
Energy monitoring

An energy monitoring system is your most important tool for gaining control of energy use. Get an overview of individual metres, buildings and property portfolios. Optima provides control for both operative personnel and building owners.

Waste monitoring

Optima Avfall (Waste) is our unique waste monitoring system for registering waste amounts by type, origin, and date, giving you an overview of waste by degree of sorting.


Optima Miljø (Environment) can automatically calculate the business's emissions based on available energy, waste, and transport data.

Manufacturing and energy monitoring

Optima Industri (Industry) is a specially developed module adapted to both day-to-day operative decisions and strategic goals for monitoring energy in the manufacturing industry.


Optima provides good reporting options. With Optima Rapport (Report) you can easily tailor your reporting to suit your organisation's needs.


Optima Økonomi (Finance) provides an easy-to-use overview of energy consumption finances from the group level all the way down to individual facilities.

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