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NEWS: Digital property management gives you full control - now free to use

Ørn ServiceBook is a digital tool that makes you both proactive and efficient. It gives you a full overview and control of all your buildings, objects, activities, and deviations. Everything is documented, ensuring good historical data. Try it out now - it is free to use


Digital operation and inspection of properties. Easy to get started, easy to use and now it is free.

Why choose ServiceBook?
ServiceBook is easy to use

ServiceBook makes it easy to document work, conduct checks, and report deviations from the platform you are actually using all the time - mobile, tablet, or computer.

ServiceBook makes you proactive

ServiceBook is a net-based solution that helps you be proactive and maintain an overview of all statutory compliance checks and follow-up of deviations on your buildings and objects.

ServiceBook is expandable

The basic functions is everything you need in order to get full control of your properties. It is easy to expand with new functions if that is needed in the future.

See how Morten is in control of a district using ServiceBook

The problem

Before they used to have long lists in Excel, and it was hard to maintain an overview and follow things up properly.

The solution

They now have control of all issues, good communication with tenants, and full documentation of all statutory self-inspections, ready for auditing.

Quote from customer

"We used to have to search through binders to find files and blueprints. We now have everything on our mobile phones: O&M documentation, blueprints, and all our tasks and self-inspections." Operations Manager, Morten Hansen

Customer: Værste AS

The property company Værste AS owns, develops, and manages the 160-acre area which is now being filled with residential units, schools, businesses, and sports and culture.

Customers who see the big picture:

Useful features that simplify your workday

The operations manager's dream features
Gives you a good overview

In ServiceBook, it's easy to build up a good and tidy structure for buildings and objects. Information about objects is easily accessible.

Plan efficient checks

ServiceBook is an effective tool for planning, following up, and conducting all types of checks. Self-defined checklists ensure good quality and good reports.

Register deviations quickly and efficiently

Register deviations and documents with text, photos, and video. Delegate deviations to internal or external resources. All involved parties are kept up to date via text messages and email.

History and documentation

All activities connected to checks and deviations are logged and documented so that you receive a full overview of status and history.

Integration with Visma.net

By integrating with Visma.net, you get a system adapted to increased efficiency through the digitalisation and automation of business processes.

Designed for statutory compliance checks

A simple overview of completed and planned checks and follow-up of deviations in accordance with legal requirements.

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Magnus Wister Elden
Magnus Wister Elden
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