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Making O&M tasks digital, automatic, and easier

Ørn UNI eases the day-to-day administration of property by converting cumbersome, manual, and paper-based processes into processes that are digital, automatic and easy, so that everyone knows what to do, and you have a complete overview.


Ørn Uni helps property managers achieve efficient staff and satisfied customers

Who is Uni Eiendom (Property) suitable for?
For the property manager

When all of the information is collected in a system, you gain a complete overview, more efficient staff, and satisfied tenants.

Operations and maintenance personnel

When all of the tasks are delegated and reported on your mobile, and not sticky notes and spoken messages, the risk of mistakes is reduced and time is freed up for more valuable work.

Advantages for tenants

Customers, tenants and residents can use their mobile to report faults and deviations, and receive automatic status and progress notifications on their cases, preventing complaints about poor follow-up.

Ørn software

How Frost Eiendommade its operations more efficient

Up until 2013, Frost Eiendom used a solution that did not have integrated financial and administrative systems. It was cumbersome and demanded a lot of duplication of effort.

The problem

Frost Eiendom's old administration system lacked key features, so communication with tenants was cumbersome. Sending out contracts was very time consuming in particular.

The solution

“We choose a fully integrated administration solution from Ørn since it gives us many more possibilities to digitise manual processes. The solution has increased our efficiency and given us a complete overview of 1,500 tenancy agreements.” -Rigmor FrostGeneral manager, Frost Eiendom

Customer: Frost Eiendom

Frost Eiendom is a professional property management company that was founded in 1943 by mason Ola Frost. Today, Frost Eiendom manages and rents out 1,300 housing units and rooms, as well as 20,000 square metres of commercial property.

Customers who see the big picture:

Features that are tailor made for financial-administrative property management tasks

Facility Management
Property management made easy

Uni Eiendom (Property) is our tailor made solution for all tasks relating to finances and administration in property management.

Control over all tasks

Uni Eiendom 24 (Property 24) is the module for tasks that relate to operations and maintenance of buildings, and is designed to simplify and streamline these types of tasks.

Self-service for tenants

With uniAlltid, tenants can serve themselves, and you have a sales and service channel that is open around the clock where tenants can administer every part of their tenancy electronically and paper-free.

Digital signature

With electronic signatures, you simplify the process of formalizing rental agreements since the customer can say anywhere.

Digital drawing information

Our building drawing services provide easy access to drawings for tenants, suppliers, and other employees in housing administration, property rental, management, and cleaning.

Fire prevention work

We have made it easy to maintain information relating to fire prevention work. Among other things, the solution contains features for planning and conducting fire drills.

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Hasse Krystad
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