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Welcome to your flexible workplace

Worksense makes your hybrid workday run smoothly by offering mobile tools for pre-booking desks, sending service requests, and much more. Having a wide range of real-time data at your fingertips makes flexible work a breeze for everyone from employees and management to facility managers and cleaning staff.

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Would you like to know more about how you can create a flexible workspace?  

We have created a series of "Smart Workplace Sessions" with powerful and compact talks with experts of the industry. In this series we take a value-based approach to smart technologies, and talk about optimizing property in a sustainable way.

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Everyone benefits from a smart office

Who is Worksense suitable for?

Come into the office or work from home today? Check where your teammates are and book a free desk or meeting room. Your space will be ready by the time you get there.


Spend time managing your work, not your office. Optimizing the use of your premises leads to cost savings and satisfied staff. See statistics on remote work. Real-time data and calendar integrations keeps everyone in the loop.

Facility Management

Worksense shows you what is happening in your facility in real-time. Any issues can be easily reported and maintenance and cleaning staff can instantly see what jobs need to be done.

Customers who see the big picture:

Smart features give you full flexibility and flow

Feature highlights
Real-time space management

Manage and display office capacity to lower costs and maximize efficiency.

Seamless and automatic communication

Everyone can see what's happening in the office at any given time. Facility management can see what tasks need to be done, automatically and in real-time.

A safe and healthy environment

IoT integrations provide real-time air quality data. Managing and limiting capacity, and knowing exactly who is in the building, ensures compliance with regulations.

Easy to use

The latest data is always right there on your phone or computer. Integrates with calendar programs and most IoT tech. Convenient single sign on (SSO).

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