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We would not have been able to make the world’s best salmon without InControl

See how E. Karstensen use InControl

“We wouldn’t have succeeded without InControl from Ørn Software”

E. Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett
Number of pens: 6
Salmons: 6-700.000
Start-up: 1971
Employees: 6

Nils Tore Karstensen is a second-generation fish farmer. In the ocean off the coast of Florø, he makes what’s probably the world’s best Atlantic salmon. “We wouldn’t have succeeded without InControl from Ørn Software. Their software is crucial for fish health and the quality we deliver to the world,” says Nils Tore.

The best salmon in the world

The chairman of the board of E. Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett is standing on the edge of a net pen as far west on the Norwegian coast as you can get. It’s a place that Nils Tore likes better than most places. He’s not the only one who likes it here. “We make what I believe is the best salmon in the world. The weather can often be rough out here, but the salmon thrive incredibly well in these clear, clean and cold waters.”

“There are 600,000–700,000 salmon here, divided into six net pens. We produce an important and rich source of protein. This is healthy and good quality food that we ship out to the world, and we are very proud of that,” says Nils Tore.

Aquaculture pioneers

The nature around Florø is dramatic with high cliffs and mountains, and countless islands and reefs. Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett was among the very first aquaculture companies to embark on salmon farming more than 50 years ago. Back then, fish farming involved a great deal of trial and error, and today’s technology today did not yet exist.

Nils Tore Karstensen, chairman of the board

“In order to deliver the world’s best salmon, we are completely dependent on our fish thriving. InControl is a really important tool for helping us achieve that.”

One of the most important tools he uses is the digital aquaculture platform InControl Havbruk, which is a complete,web-based internal control system with modules adapted for use by a variety of companies in the aquaculture industry. More than 50 aquaculture companies use InControl from Ørn Software.

“Everything is recorded and logged in InControl every day. We have complete digital control over feed, internal control and HSE, so we can monitor all of this closely. Without this system, things would have been very cumbersome for us,” says the chairman of the board.


Nils Tore Karstensen is inspecting the pens

Crucial to quality

InControl also handles one of the most important challenges in the aquaculture industry - maintaining an overview of the presence of lice.

“We inspect fish to check if everything looks good and whether there are any lice. If the fish have lice, this is registered in InControl. You need to have a system like this if you want to have proper control of your production.”

Nils Tore is busy providing the most optimal conditions for salmon, which is what yields the best product. Each year, he sends 18 million meals to the market, and customers expect to receive the world’s best product.

“In order to deliver the world’s best salmon, we are completely dependent on our fish thriving. InControl is a really important tool for helping us achieve that.

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