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With Maintenance, we see problems before they occur

See how Glava Isolasjon use Maintenance

“Maintenance is important for Glava to ensure that the machines are kept operational"

Glava Isolasjon
Founded: 1935
Employees: 500+
Factories: 3

The Norwegian industrial fairytale started almost 90 years ago. There’s a big chance that you live in a house with Glava Insulation in the walls, since110 tonnes of glass wool is rolled out of the factory in Askim every single day. “In order to do that, we need to anticipate any problems before they occur,” says maintenance supervisor Ole Jørgen Henriksen.

A green and sustainable product

“We produce Glava, which is glass wool. It contains a lot of recycled glass and is a green and sustainable product,” says Ole Jørgen Henriksen. He started his career in the company on the shop floor as an apprentice in 1992 and has risen through the ranks of the company.

“I’m becoming fairly experienced,” laughs Ole Jørgen.

Insulation for NOK 2.4 billion

The gentle guy from Østfold is one of 500 employees at Glava. The company has been producing glass wool since 1935. Glava, which supplies a wide range of sustainable and innovative insulation products and building materials to the Norwegian construction industry, has a turnover of NOK 2.4 billion.

In addition to Glava Isolasjon, the Glava family includes the brands Weber and Gyproc.

“In Askim we manufacture about 110 tonnes of glass wool per day. There are many things you need to be on the lookout for. Preventive maintenance is really important. In other words, detecting things before they occur. It saves us a lot of downtime.

Of course, we also have scheduled downtime and maintenance, where we inspect the machinery to ensure as long an operational life as possible,” explains Ole Jørgen, before he continues our tour of the company, which is rich in tradition.

“This is the machine shop. We fix almost everything here.”

Ole Jørgen Henriksen, maintenance supervisor

“We now have complete control of all the maintenance and have far less downtime. Before these excellent systems were in place, we used yellow sticky notes. It’s a lot easier now”

A comprehensive overview of the machine fleet

Maintenance from Ørn Software is a user-friendly system for industrial maintenance. It is a standardised system that is easy to implement and provides a comprehensive overview of the machine fleet.

This is precisely why Maintenance is important to Glava in ensuring that machines are kept operational and making sure customers receive all the insulation they have ordered on time.

“The Maintenance tool implements procedures for all services at fixed intervals. We also include other work orders that are a little more urgent.

Maintenance is a great tool for us,” says the maintenance supervisor.


“I’m becoming fairly experienced,” laughs Ole Jørgen.

Complete control

“We now have complete control of all the maintenance and have far less downtime. Before these excellent systems were in place, we used yellow sticky notes. It’s a lot easier now,” he says.

Having these systems makes the working day more efficient, so time can be spent manufacturing as much glass wool as possible:

“Isn’t that wonderful? Sales are booming and everything is great,” laughs Ole Jørgen.

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