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Maintenance provides working lifts and satisfied customers.

See how Skistar achieved their goals

“If we don’t do our job, we won’t be allowed to operate the ski lifts”

Skistar AS - Trysil
Slopes: 68
Lifts: 31
Longest slope: 5,4 km
Highest point: 1 100m

Arnstein started working as a ski lift operator at the Trysil ski resort more than 30 years ago. “Our goal is to have satisfied customers every day. Without state-of-the-art technology, we wouldn’t be able to have so little downtime for all our lifts and equipment,” says the maintenance supervisor at Skistar.

A sustainable destination

Trysil is the perfect winter destination for those who prefer long days on steep slopes or ski trails that stretch into infinity. The ski resort is certified as a sustainable destination and is only 2.5 hours from Oslo.

Norway’s biggest ski resort

Trysil is Norway’s biggest ski resort and has witnessed formidable developments in recent years. The resort offers 68 well-prepared pistes, large children’s areas, a fantastic ski school and varied skiing for all ages. A total of 31 different ski lifts provide access to the area, which is dominated by the mighty Trysilfjellet mountain, 1,132 metres high.

Long experience

- I have worked here since 1988. Back then, I started as a ski lift operator but I’m now a maintenance supervisor. We didn’t have as many lifts 33 years ago and my job has become much more complex over the years. Doing the job in the old-fashioned way wouldn't work today. We never would have achieved the reliability we now have at the resort, Arnstein explains.

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71 kilometres of pistes

Alpine skiers can enjoy a whopping 71 kilometres of varied slopes. Skistar is proud of its well-groomed slopes and is proud that everything runs smoothly with thousands of visitors to Trysilfjellet.

He shows us the very heart of the resort where many staff members ensure that the ski lifts and ski tows operate properly, hour after hour, regardless of the weather. “This is our workshop. This is where we service and maintain the snow tractors, snowmobiles, vehicles, and snow lifts. In other words, everything that moves at the resort.

Arnstein Akre, Maintenance Supervisor, Skistar Trysil

“We want to have satisfied visitors every single day. That’s our goal”

Arnstein explains how they achieve such high uptime and long service life on all the equipment necessary to operate one of Northern Europe’s biggest ski resorts:

“The vehicle drivers record any problems or deviations in Maintenance, which then becomes a work order for the mechanics. We use Maintenance in a similar way in our daily inspections of all the ski lifts. There are very strict regulatory requirements for the maintenance tasks that must be carried out regularly on ski lifts. If we don’t do our job, we won’t be allowed to operate the ski lifts.

Ørn Skistar Still_03

Arnstein Akre is inspecting the small details on a rail.

Comprehensive overview of the machine fleet

Maintenance from Ørn Software is a user-friendly system for industrial maintenance. It is a standardised system that is easy to implement and provides a comprehensive overview of the machine fleet. This is precisely why Maintenance is crucial to ensuring that Trysil can keep everything running smoothly and make sure that guests enjoy themselves on the slopes throughout the season.

The procedures that worked without technology and systems in 1988 would never work today, over 30 years later. “Our day-to-day operations require us to maintain a continuous overview of all maintenance and repair tasks, and that’s not easy to do these days without a system that can help you,” says Arnstein.

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