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How Morten maintains control of a whole neighbourhood using Ørn ServiceBook

See how Værste gained full control and overview on issues.

“Without ServiceBook, we would be struggling with high energy consumption and extra wear and tear on technical systems.”

Værste AS - Fredrikstad
Antall kvm: 140.000
Leietakere: 100
Mål: 650
Antall ansatte: 20

In its day, Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted was the biggest shipyard in Scandinavia. This former industrial area has now been transformed into a brand new, vibrant neighbourhood, complete with its own football stadium.

To manage the properties, Værste AS uses ServiceBook – which you can now use completely free.

The property company Værste AS owns, develops, and manages the 160-acre area which is now being filled with residential units, schools, businesses, and sports and culture.

Operations manager Morten Hansen is even responsible for a stadium: Fredrikstad Stadion. He uses Ørn ServiceBook to keep everything running smoothly.

"We used to have long lists in Excel, and it was hard to maintain an overview and follow things up properly. We now have control of all deviations, good communication with tenants, and full documentation of all statutory self-inspections, ready for auditing," he says with satisfaction.

An effective tool

Ørn ServiceBook is an effective tool for planning, following up, and performing all types of inspections. Self-defined checklists ensure good quality and good reports.

ServiceBook's freemium model means that you can start using a version of the program completely free of charge. Værste AS has been using ServiceBook for a long time, among other things for self-inspections and audits.

"We have self-inspections for both building supervisors and tenants. When self-inspections have not been completed by the correct date, we can see it on the calendar and reminders are sent out . In addition, we can generate reports and historical data for the various disciplines and fields," says Hansen with satisfaction.

Værste AS has 20 employees, five of whom work in the operations department. They meet each morning to discuss and delegate tasks.

Morten Hansen, Operation Manager, Værste AS

"Everything has become a lot easier with ServiceBook. We now have everything on our mobile phones: O&M documentation, blueprints, and all our tasks and self-inspections."”

"When we register a deviation, we often take photos, since that makes it easier to find out where the deviation is. In addition, we describe the deviation with text and by degree of importance," says the operations manager.

When the task is complete, both Morten and the tenant are notified, completely automatically. Communication with tenants has thereby also become easier with Ørn ServiceBook.

"Tenants can register deviations and register other requests directly in the system themselves. In addition, they receive an automatic notification, both when the deviation is received and when it's closed," says the operations manager.

The 100 tenants are divided among 130,000 square metres of new and old buildings that all require attention.


Værste develops whole neighbourhood using Ørn ServiceBook

"Everything has become a lot easier with ServiceBook. We used to have to search through binders to find files and blueprints. We now have everything on our mobile phones: O&M documentation, blueprints, and all our tasks and self-inspections."

The operations manager tells us that their external suppliers also work directly in the system, both when carrying out service and receiving registered deviations. When the job is done, Morten and his colleagues can see that the work is complete.

"I'm really glad that we have this system. Without ServiceBook, we would be struggling with high energy consumption and extra wear and tear on technical systems. That's something we avoid when we have full control," he says.

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